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To recirculate water, pumps are a crucial element of a fish farm. ACE puts great effort in selecting pumps that are suitable to work in an aquaculture environment. Depending on the situation we work with axial flow propeller pumps, centrifugal pumps, single stage end suction pumps and airlift pumps.

Energetic efficiency and reliability are the main selection criteria for the pumps. We work closely with different acknowledged international pump suppliers. In this way the best pumps can be selected for every job.

For low head pumping (< 20 cm head) we build a variety of airlift pumps. These pumps work by injecting air at the bottom of a pipe. Air mixes with water and is displaced upwards since this mix of air and water is less dense. One of our (catfish) farms recirculates all the water with airlifts only, with an energy demand of 0,25 kW/kg for the entire farm as result.

Major advantages of airlift pumps are the fact that one air blower can drive multiple pumps; there are no moving parts in the water and besides moving water the pumps also add oxygen and strip carbon dioxide.