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Oxygen is one of the main parameters concerning fish health welfare. In intensive farming it is important that adequate levels of oxygen can be maintained at all times in the fish tank to optimize feeding, welfare and growth. Medium Head Oxygenators are normally the preferred choice in our designs. In this way we do not need an extra pumping step and are still able to supply the oxygen in an efficient way.

ACE developed the medium head oxygenator (MHO) as a new tool for oxygen enrichment of water. Oxygen is added by a combination of gas exchange, replacing gas molecules in the water with oxygen molecules, and by addition of oxygen through static pressure. On top of that, the MHO has a beneficial side effect, removing CO2 and N2, thereby preventing problems with gas bubble disease. The MHO normally has an inlet oxygen concentration of 7-8 mg/L and an outlet concentration can reach up to 29 mg/L. Head loss through the MHO can be as low as 200 mm. As a result of the extremely low head loss, recirculation system processes can be designed with only one pump step, strongly reducing both investment and energy consumption.

MHO product sheet