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Heat Exchanger (water water) with coils

In aquaculture systems heat exchangers are often used to help maintain optimum culture conditions, while minimizing energy expenses. Plate exchangers are often used to recuperate heat from the waste water of the farm but these quickly clog with biofilm and suspended solids. These exchangers require substantial pumping power to pass water through and cleaning is a time consuming process.

Design by ACE

When clams are harvested from nature they may contain some sand and silt. This is not appreciated by consumers. Therefore, clams are stored in clean, cold seawater for a period of minimum 1 day. The shells then open and expel the sand and silt.

Access bridges to inspect fish

In Armenia ACE designed, delivered and constructed a flow through system for the production of Sturgeon and Trout. The customer already owns several fish farms and wants to gain experience with intensification of flow through systems.

Overview 100 ton Yellowtail farm

Yellowtail, also called Kingfish or Amberjack is a new species for production in recirculation systems. These fish are highly valued in Sushi restaurants and have outstanding farming characteristics. The fish grows from 0.5 gram to 3000 gram in 9 months and has a food conversion of less than 1.3 kg food per kg fish produced.

Tilapia and flower combiculture

The AOC high school operates a greenhouse for production of flowers and vegetables. A pilot recirculation system was installed for production of Tilapia. The waste water of the Tilapia is used as fertilized water for the production of Gebera flowers. The carbondioxide produced by the fish is consumed by the plants and the oxygen produced by the plants is used by the fish.

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