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Aquaculture Consultancy & Engineering (ACE) was established in 2005 by Wageningen Agricultural University graduate Ir. Remmerswaal, active i aquaculture since 1987.

Ace Building

ACE is based in Mill, in the East of The Netherlands and is formed by a small, experienced staff, assisted by a group of part time specialists.

The company has an office, warehouse and workshop and, due to space limitation recently expanded into a second, 480 m2 warehouse.

ACE activities are divided into 4 groups;

  • Design and construction of complete fish farms

  • Design and construction of fish farming equipment

  • Feasibility studies

  • Far improvement studies (trouble shooting)

Designing is done by a small team of technicians that work with state of the art software.
The workshop is equipped to work with various plastics and metals, for example including a 3D milling machine for plastics and a range of welding-, sawing and grinding equipment.

Most of ACE profits are ploughed back into R&D and has resulted in exciting new products, for example for waste water treatment, heat exchanging and automatic feeding. Before marketing any of these products they are rigorously tested in the farm environment.

Our clients are found in Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia and projects range from design and construction of eel farms in Madagascar, to site location studies for Shellfish hatcheries.


Curriculum vitae ACE

We hereby present an overview of some of the jobs that we have successfully executed;


Feasibility study, design and construction of a large African catfish farm for Shaldag Ltd., Nigeria.


Design and construction of aquaculture research facilities for De Heus, Vietnam

Construction of protein skimmers for Seafarm, The Netherlands

Comparative study Pikeperch farms, The Netherlands


Design and construction of a 200 ton eel farm for Ekozuvys, Lithuania

Design and construction of live holding facilities for lobster and crabs, for Crusta b.v., The Netherlands.

Design of in-ppond watertreatment system for pangasius, for Vinh Huan and RIA2, Vietnam


Design and construction of live holding facilities for shellfish, for Lenger Seafood, Vietnam

1-Design and construction of a 100 tons Yellowtail (Seriola) farm for Silt b.v., in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands.
2-Design and construction of a biofilter air scrubber for VOF Voet van den Berg, Ravenstein, The Netherlands. This air scrubber is designed to remove 85% of ammonia, dust and odors from a flow of 180.000 m3 of air per hour.
3-Design, construction and management of the ACE Guppy (Poecilia reticulate) farm, build for the annual production of 1 million Guppies.
4-Design and construction of a Robot feeding machine for the ACE Guppy farm
5-Design and construction of an air to air heat exchanger for the ACE Guppy farm
6-Design of a water to water heat exchanger for the ACE Guppy farm
7-Development of a computer vision grading machine for the ACE Guppy farm
8-Design and construction of a 50 tons flow through Trout farm for Akvatomatekh, Yerevan, Armenia.
9-Design of 160 tons Eel ongrowing unit for Bardoel Palingkwekerij, Wanroij, The Netherlands
10-Desk study for the culture of Mitten Crab (Eriocheir chinensis) in recirculation systems.
11-Development of a treatment protocol for Guppies, against Gyrodactylus and Dactylogyrus
12-Development of a treatment protocol for Guppies, against Tetrahymena

-Feasibility study + experiments for farming of ornamental fish
-Feasibility study for large scale Salmon farming in recirculation systems
-Feasibility study and design for 50 tons Pikeperch farm, Kieft, The Netherlands
-Design of Kabayaki production line for Ripplefish ltd., Madagascar
-Design and construction of 200 tons Eel farm for Ripplefish Ltd., Madagascar
-Design of processing plant for Eel, Ripplefish Ltd, Mananjary
-Design of processing plant for Eel, Ripplefish Ltd., Manakara

-Design and construction of 200 tons Eel farm for Ripplefish Ltd., Madagascar
-Design of glasseel and elver production systems, Bardoel palingkwekerij, Wanroij

- Design and construction of 20 tons Eel farm for Ripplefish Ltd., Madagascar

-Feasibility study Eel project Madagascar for Imares, The Netherlands
-Design, construction and installation of hatchery systems for African Catfish
-Design, construction and installation of oxygen reactor, Valkenswaard
-Design, construction and management supervision Shellfish hatchery pilot Yerseke
-Design and construction of Algae culture reactors
-Design Catfish ongrowing units for Nigeria
-Design Catfish hatchery/nursery for Nigeria
-Development, testing and construction of pneumatic feeding system for Happy Shrimp
-Audit for Aquacultuur Nederweert to get Sturgeon on Dutch farmed species list.
-Feasibility study for Kramer Fish Trading for large Tilapia farm

This year 2005 projects are continued after partner Ir. Lo left ACE.
-Field Survey Nigeria for Coppens International regarding construction of Catfish farms.
-Design, Construction and supervision Pangasius pilot Urk for Kramer fish International
-Design of pilot Sturgeon farm for Hoentjen G&M Eelfarm
-Paperwork to obtain experimental license for Sturgeon farming for G&M
-Short course Algae culture in Zaragoza, Spain, organized by Ciheam
-Design and construction of Air systems and filters for Happy Shrimp Farm, Rotterdam
-Design and construction of Shrimp nursery for Happy Shrimp Farm
-Site selection for LeDrive Ltd. For Sturgeon project Spain/Portugal

ACE is a consulting company that focuses on design, construction and management of Aquaculture projects. Present projects are running in Tunesia; Korea; Mexico and Spain, dealing with production of Scallops; Japanese flounder; Eel; Japanese parrotfish and Sturgeon.
-Study for RIVO; Shellfish hatchery Marocco
-Study for Holland Shellfish International; Design of Shellfish hatchery
-Study regarding feasibility of Guppy farm Urk
-Study for Kramer Fish Trading; feasibility of Pangasius farm Urk
-Study for Sturgeon Scea; Using Dutch farms for contract culture of Sturgeon


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