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Trickling Filter

Removal of ammonia, dissolved organics and carbondioxide

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Trickling filter set-up for Eel nurserySupport frame for trickling filterTrickling filter dispensing systemsVarious trickling filter set-upsTrickling filter dispensing systems
  • Task:   Removal of ammonia, dissolved organics and carbondioxide.
  • Description:   Enclosed tower filled with biomedia and water dispensing system. Bacteria are used to break down waste products and aeration is used to add oxygen and strip carbondioxide.
  • Benefits:   Can double function as cooling tower.
  • Models:   Various, for treating 10-1000 m3/hr of waste water.
  • Material:   Steel support frame with polymer cladding. Biofilter media are made of PVC or PP polymer.
  • Shape:   Various.
  • Optional:   Ventilation system with air to air heat exchanger.
Weight: 0 kg
Dimensions: 0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm

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