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Moving bed biological reactor (MBBR)

Removal of ammonia, dissolved organics and carbondioxide

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  • Task:    Removal of ammonia, dissolved organics and carbondioxide.
  • Description:    Reactor filled with biomedia and aeration system. Bacteria break down waste products and aeration is used to add oxygen and strip CO2.
  • Benefits:   Limited heat loss due to evaporation and minimum head loss.
  • Models:   Various, for treating 10-1000 m3/hr of waste water.
  • Material:    Biofilter media is made of PVC or PE polymer.
  • Shape:    Various.
  • Optional:    Blowers to provide air.

Moving bed biological reactors consist of a reactor tank filled with a biofilter substrate that consists of small plastic tubes. A dispensing grid on the bottom is used to aerate the filter, causing the biofilter substrate to move. As a result there is a good contact between the waste water and the biofilm that grows on the substrate. The air bubbles further help to provide oxygen to the bacteria and strip carbondioxide. Excess biofilm is sheared off by the movement, making these filters less prone to clogging. When pumping water through the filter, head loss can be reduced to a millimeters.

ACE developed Bactogrip (see Picture above) that has an effective surface area of 900 m2/m3.

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