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Low Head Oxygenator (LHO)

To add pure oxygen to the water.

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Low Head Oxygenator (LHO)
  • Task: To add pure oxygen to the water, achieving oxygen outlet concentrations of 8-14 ppm.
  • Description: The LHO is used to add pure oxygen to the water. Oxygen saturation over 100% is achieved by gas exchange, replacing nitrogen and carbondioxide with oxygen.
  • Benefits: Can operate with minimum headloss, allowing gravity feeding of water, for example between raceways.
  • Models: LHO-750: 50-100 m3/hr - LHO-1000: 100-200 m3/hr.
  • Material: PP or HDPE polymer.
  • Shape: Open top cylinder, 75-100 cm diameter, 75-150 cm tall.
  • Optional: Oxygen dosing unit, Oxyguard oxygen probes, monitoring/control unit.
Weight: 0 lb
Dimensions: 0 in × 0 in × 0 in

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