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Feeding Robot

For ornamental fish farms and in fish hatcheries it is important that calculated quantities of feed can be administered around the clock with great accuracy. To achieve this, Dr. Ir. Han Remmerswaal developed a feeding robot.

The robot is mounted on a "train" that travels over a row or shelf of fish tanks. The robot stops at each feeding point and can then feed up to 10 feeders at the same time. The feeders are designed to accurately dispense powder or crumble feed with meal sizes down to several milligram.

The Robofeeder is controlled by a central computer that can simultaneously control 4 “trains”, each with 10 feeders. Control data are entered into the computer, including the number of fish in a tank; the average weight; the fish species and the desired number of meals per day. The Robocontrol software then utilizes growth- and feeding rate-formula to calculate the meal size at each feeding point.

If fish is moved from a tank of if there are dead fish this information is entered in the software database, whereby a pop-up screen asks the user to explain if the fish were sold, transferred to another tank or died and the calculations are updated. If the software spots an increase in mortality in a given tank a warning signal is given.

At any given time the operator can sort through a database to get information about the fish stock; for example how many fish are present of a given size or species.


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Feeding RobotRobo Feed DispenserFeed Robot Drive UnitComputer Interface Robocontrol Program

Product   Feeding Robot

  • Task: Automatically calculating and dispensing fish meal
  • Description: Feed dispensers mounted on a frame that travels over a row of fish tanks, controlled by computer. The software calculates meal sizes, taking into account the fish biomass in a tank; the growth- and feeding rates of the fish, as well as the number of meals per day.
  • Benefits: Automatic feeding of large numbers of fish tanks while taking into account the growth of the fish stock. Accurately dispensing meals down to 3 milligram per meal.
  • Models: Robofeeder 1
  • Material: Aluminum and plastic polymers
  • Optional: Software to show fish stock information
    Software to graphically show mortality and warn for negative trends
Weight: 0 kg
Dimensions: 0 cm × 0 cm × 0 cm

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