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Vietnam Shellfish desanding system

Design by ACE
Side-View system
Empty building start
Beginning with concrete works
Progress with concrete canals
Concrete works
Desanding System showers on
Shelfish desanded
Desanding System in action
Protein Skimmer (Foam Fractionator) installation
Protein Skimmer installed
Moving Bed Filter installation
Showers desanding system
Installing plumbing
Main pumps almost ready

When clams are harvested from nature they may contain some sand and silt. This is not appreciated by consumers. Therefore, clams are stored in clean, cold seawater for a period of minimum 1 day. The shells then open and expel the sand and silt.

ACE has designed and constructed a Clam desanding system that can handle up to 45 ton clams per day. With some small adaptations the same system can be used as a live holding system for crabs, lobsters, mussels, cockles, scallops and oysters.

Location Vietnam
Customer Lenger Seafood Yerseke
Date Dec 2012
Production system Desanding System shellfish
Species Shelfish

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