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Heat Exchanger with Coils

Heat Exchanger (water water) with coils

In aquaculture systems heat exchangers are often used to help maintain optimum culture conditions, while minimizing energy expenses. Plate exchangers are often used to recuperate heat from the waste water of the farm but these quickly clog with biofilm and suspended solids. These exchangers require substantial pumping power to pass water through and cleaning is a time consuming process.

ACE has developed a water-water heat exchanger that is low maintenance because it can hardly clog. Also, the waste water can pass through the exchanger with a head loss of only a few centimeter. The exchanger utilizes the counter current principle, using stainless steel or titanium coils to pass the clean influent through a series a compartments that carry waste water.

If waste accumulates in the exchanger, a brushing system is used to clean the coils, while the exchanger continues doing its job. If necessary the exhanger content is flushed and cleaned without opening the exchanger.

Under normal conditions the exchanger will have an energy recuperation efficiency of 70%.

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Date Feb 2013
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