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Fish farm system performance screening “System screen”


  • In the period of 1-2 days a fish farm can be “X-rayed” to determine water and gas flows, volumes and water quality.
  • Information is collected about the fish stock and the quantities of feed, oxygen and water that are used, as well as some economical parameters.
  • A complete water analysis is done throughout the system to measure concentrations of oxygen, carbondioxide, gas saturation, temperature, salinity, pH, alkalinity , hardness, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and metals.
  • This information is then processed to verify how the farm system components and the fish stock perform. Advise is given for practical steps to improve the culture conditions; the performance of system components, as well as options to increase production and lower production cost.



  • In most recirculation systems not all system components work as planned and production cost can be reduced. By removing some bottlenecks it is always possible to increase production and lower production cost.

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